These works have evolved from an interest in alchemy, the ancient esoteric science of refining base material. A material process develops in parallel with a spiritual development and just as lead is "purified" into gold, so too can the soul of the alchemist be purified during this process.
From the idea that all matter is animated, the visual effects are studied of substances that play a major role in alchemy, e.g. lead, mercury, copper, antimony and sulfur. The materials used are not only judged on the visual evidence, but also by association with their characteristics, pathways or chemical compositions.

Over time the appearance of many paintings has changed due to chemical reactions. A number of the pigments used react with each other as well as with airborne compounds. This has led to consider painting as a collection of materials in which chemical reactions occur constantly. Obsolete pigments and unstable paint mixtures are from this point of view a source of inspiration.

There seems to be a relationship between the tendency of a substance to chemically react and the degree of toxicity. There is a mutual influence between matter, mind and body, which is partly involuntary and partly undiscovered and unknown.
The substances used are provoked to go from one state to another, with the aim of knowing and influencing the underlying processes.